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Monika Hill Legal - Conveyancing Services

When it comes to property and conveyancing needs, Monika Hill Legal Services can help you to ensure the process is simple, transparent and efficient.

We are qualified to handle contracts efficiently, provide legal advice, assist with carrying out local search and Land Registry matters, as well as transfer money to pay for the property itself. We make sure to treat all clients as individuals so that all their needs are met.

Buying A Property

Instruct Monika Hill Legal Services to help you with all your conveyancing needs when it comes to buying a property. From offering to buy a house right through to picking up the keys, our conveyancing service for buying a property stretches through the entire process with all the expertise you need.

Selling A Property

Selling a property requires you to have a conveyancing service that covers all the necessary legal requirements. From contracts and advice right through to receiving payment of the property itself, Monika Hill Legal Services can help with all your needs when it comes to selling a property if you’re at the end of a chain.

Buying and Selling

Selling your existing property and buying a new home can be an exhaustive and legally complicated process. To help you with that, we at Monika Hill Legal Services can assist with all your conveyancing requirements, from legal contracts and advice at the start of the process right through to the end result, we can be there for you.

Equity Transfer

While many equity transfer needs can be simple, many aren’t – whether you know that at the start of the process or difficulties come up during the process, Monika Hill Legal Services is best placed to handle any issues with clarity throughout any equity transfer.

A Process Made Simple By Monika Hill Legal Services

With Monika Hill Legal Services you’ll be dealing with experts in helping people who need complex legal help when it comes to moving home. We’re specialists when it comes to conveyancing services but also when it comes to knowing how to treat our clients as individuals. 

We understand that it’s not a one size fits all, and as a result, we treat all our clients based on their needs, dedicating ourselves to helping them right through to completion.

Monika Hill Legal Services Guarantees

  • We’ll be transparent about the costs involved
  • We’ll make sure everything is simplified and presented in a way that is easy to understand
  • We treat all our clients as individuals and not just as another customer as we believe everyone has different needs
  • We’ll work our hardest to be efficient with both your time and money